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Why should you Repair & Reuse?

Globally, the Fashion Industry makes over 150 Billion Units of clothing a year! 85% of that makes it to landfills; repairing and reusing keep your clothes out of the landfil and in your closet.

How does Recyck's service work?

Recyck makes repairs easy by providing this service at your doorstep! Just download the app, choose your type of repair and repair specialist, and we will take care of the rest by picking up and dropping off your repair for you!

How about pricing?

Every repair service has a base price and a service fee + delivery fee that is based on distance.

What is handled by Recyck?

Recyck handles everything from pick up, drop off at repair specialist, and delivery to your doorstep.

How long does it take to repair my clothes, shoes, or accessories?

Within 1-2 weeks, depending on what your repairs are.

Can I track my repair?

Repairs are always trackable! Sign in to the app and track your orders including tracking status

What if I'm unhappy with my repair?

We pride ourselves on the best customer experience; if you're unhappy or have any concerns do reach out to us via email at

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